The book I Miss You takes us on a magical journey of acceptance, understanding and self-improvement.

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Free the self-help book 'I Miss You', by Miles Winterfield
Free the self-help book “I Miss You”, by Miles Winterfield

What if your questions about life and death could finally be answered?

“Maybe it was just a dream. A dream too vivid and intense.

This is what I’ve always wondered about, as a result of my surprising encounter with Kris, a person very dear to me from my past, whom I thought I would never see again.

Even more extraordinary were the answers she offered me, to my humble understanding of profound revelations, about such sensitive and controversial aspects as the existence of God, the cycle of life or the acceptance of death.

In this book I want to tell you how it happened.”

Book details

Title: I Miss You: Revelations from Afterlife
Author: Miles Winterfield
Publisher: FJ Sanz
Format: Digital / eBook / ePub
Extension: 47 pag.
Duration (reading): 25 min.
Language: English
Genre: Spirituality (Wikipedia)

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What the readers of ‘I Miss You’ think (Spanish edition)

★★★★★ Brief but intense
If oniric journeys exist, it takes us to a delicate and unique vision of the meaning of our life, of our passage through this world and of what awaits us when death arrives.
It reassures me to think that perhaps everything is as this book proposes. Everything would make more sense and would be less painful.

★★★★★ It makes you think
Because the title and the cover I thought the story would be a different style, but the surprise was very nice. It’s worth reading.

★★★★★ Five stars
Very nice book. I recommend it

Note about the dangerous free downloads on Internet

We have noticed that many readers go to Google searching pirate downloads of this book.

Don’t look for Miles Winterfield book I Miss You: Revelations from Afterlife on unsafe Internet sites. These websites may contain viruses, force you to register and even ask for your credit card to download it.

I Miss You is a free book.

What does this mean? It is published on a non-profit basis and is available to everyone, just here and now. You don’t have to pay anything to read it. In any of the platforms above you can download it for free.

And it’s more. If, for whatever reason, you don’t want to use any of these online book sales platforms, don’t worry. Contact us through this form and we will send you the free book by email.

It’s that easy.

Our only wish is to make known the fabulous experiences of Miles Winterfield, told in this book I Miss You: Revelations from Alterlife. We want this book to help you through the difficult moments of your lives. And that, in turn, you also offer it to other people who may need it.

This is our commitment and illusion. Will you help us make it possible? 🙂

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